Does Seam Tracking really make that much of a difference?

Absolutely it can! Whether you're trying to increase throughput, reduce rework, or improve quality, there's no more effective way than by introducing Seam Tracking. And we'll explain why.

eBook: All You Need to Know About Optical Seam Tracking

Seam-Tracking-eBook-CoverInside you will find:

  • What Seam Tracking is and how it works
  • How Seam Tracking works and can bolster your shop production efficiency
  • Who Seam Tracking can help right now, and it's not just robots
  • Why all Seam Tracking systems are not the same and how
  • Where Seam Tracking fits for your welding operation

This nearly 30-page document is full of great information on software, hardware, mounting, maintenance, and user-friendliness.

If you've ever considered Seam Tracking before, you'll want to stop and read this eBook before you go any further.