On almost 30 pages our eBook gives you an introduction on Optical Seam Tracking in Robotic Welding and you will learn how you can optimize your production process and reduce costs long term.


Inside you will find out:

  • What Optical Seam Tracking is and how it works
  • For what kind of applications it is the right solution
  • What you have to consider when deciding for a Seam Tracking System
  • How Optical Seam Tracking fits for your welding operation
  • How to recognize a good Seam Tracking System
  • Tips for Maintenance and Assembly

Discover how Seam Tracking has evolved over the past years, what possibilities it offers by now and how it can be used in a way that requires far less programming and technical know-how than you might imagine.

You are thinking about implementing optical seam tracking in your production? Then this eBook is the perfect start for you!

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