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LIVE Demonstrations of our ROBOTIC SYSTEMS and Fume Extraction solutions 

This year's FABTECH will feature more live demonstrations at the ABICOR BINZEL booth than ever before!

1. Live Welding Cell featuring ABIROB® Cyclone® Endless Rotation MIG, Gas Management Solution EWR 2, and Torch Cleaning Station TCS Compact

If your welding operation is suffering from needing more cycle time, this live demonstration of the ABIROB Cyclone is one you cannot miss! Featuring true 360-degree rotation of the swanneck independent of the cable, the Cyclone torch can reach in and around the part and get back to the home position with virtually no stress to the torch cable. 

Improved cycle time and increased cable life. Combine the Cyclone with the Gas Management Solution EWR 2 - which saves 40% or more on Shielding Gas consumption, and the easy to use TCS Compact torch cleaning station, and you will have a welding cell that is fast, cost-efficient, productive, and durable.

Live demonstrations will occur hourly and on request each day throughout the show. Add us to your show itinerary here.

2. Live Seam Tracking and Torch Exchanges featuring TH6D Optical Seam Tracker and the TES Torch Exchange System for ROBO WH Torches

If you are one of the many ROBO WH torch users and are looking for an improved and faster way to change out swannecks to keep production moving, this year ABICOR BINZEL will show live the new Torch Exchange Station TES. There isn't a more reliable water-cooled torch in welding automation than ROBO WH.

From it's resistant cable to the sturdy front module to it's robust swanneck, manufacturers all over the world depend on ROBO WH to deliver every day - and it always gets the job done. And now with the addition of the TES exchange station, the ruggedness of the WH combines with fast exchanging of the front end neck to make for an unmatched automated welding operation. See how fast and effective it can be. 

Live demonstrations will occur throughout the day each show day. Add us to your show itinerary here.

3. Robot Gantry System AutoGuide with ABIMIG® SpinArc® Machine Torch and TH6D Optical Seam Tracker

Are you looking for solutions that will help reduce distortion? Increase deposition rates? What if part scrap and overcoming tooling issues were challenges to your welding operation reaching max capacity?

With our partners at Har-Bach, this year ABICOR BINZEL will feature on their Pathfinder system the robotic gantry system AutoGuide with the one-of-a-kind SpinArc torch and it's rotation wire electrode and our TH6D Optical Seam Tracking. Watch below to see how SpinArc reduces distortion, and see the complete system for yourself at the ABICOR BINZEL booth.

Live demonstrations will occur throughout the day each show day. Add us to your show itinerary here.


4. Simulated demonstration of the Gas Management Solution EWR 2 and it's Data-acquisition Software

Shielding gas is one of the great costs on the weld, and one of the few that you can cut through improved technology! If you are looking for ways to reduce your shielding gas cost or usage, the new Gas Management Solution EWR 2 will be on display and available for demonstration. EWR 2 uses a patented solenoid valve design with a closed loop monitoring system to regulate the flow of gas in conjunction with the weld current. Gas savings range anywhere from 30 to up to 60% in some cases.

New to the EWR 2 is the service monitoring software that allows you to program the EWR 2 to your unique gas mix - including tri-mixes - which allows the EWR 2 to calibrate itself and save you the most gas possible without sacrificing weld quality. The service software shows you the gas use in realtime with a live Return on Investment calculator.

See all of these features and more at the ABICOR BINZEL Booth daily. Add us to your show itinerary here. 


5. Simulated demonstration of smoke extraction with the NEW Fume Extraction Cyclone unit

If the health and protection of your welders and their environment in top of mind, a fume extraction solutions that puts the capturing of smoke between the weld and the welder is the most proven method of capturing the most smoke possible and keeping it from permeating the work environment.

With the new fume extraction system the Fume Extraction Cyclone, or FEC, smoke extraction at the source is more powerful and portable thanks to an increased static pressure of the unit and an easy to maneuver wheeled assembly that allows the welder to move the unit to the most optimal location possible.

Combine with the industry-leading xFume™ fume extraction torch for an unmatched fume extraction welding operation.

Demonstrations of the FEC unit will be available daily and on request with our xFume™ MIG torch. Add us to your show itinerary here.


NEW Products!

Beyond our live demonstrations, we'll be showing several new products for this year's FABTECH Show:

Gas Management Solution EWR 2 Net 


FEC Fume Extraction Cyclone:

Strong and portable fume extraction with increased static pressure and more easy of maintenance. The FEC fume extraction cyclone features a permanent filter that is simple to access and a wheeled assembly that allows it to move around easily around the shop. Use with the industry xFume™ fume extraction torch (pictured) with it's hi-flow smoke capture action.


ABI-CAR Hard Automation Tractor Systems:

A portion of our new Hard Automation product line will be debuted in North America for the first time as FABTECH 2018! See the new ABI-CAR Tractor System will oscillation features, as well as multi-axis slides. 

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Partner Exhibits

Beyond our own booth, ABICOR BINZEL invites you to visit the booths of several of our preferred partners who will be featuring ABICOR BINZEL welding technology as part of their own booth experiences:

Thermacut, Inc. - Booth C12328

Sharing the ABICOR BINZEL booth space once again this year will be the laser, plasma, and oxy-fuel solution provider Thermacut, Inc. Thermacut will debut their new line of 400 amp consumables for Hypertherm® 400 XD cutting torch system for increased consumable lifespan and performance. Fiber-laser consumables for both major North American laser manufacturers will also be showcased.

This year, Thermacut will be showcasing it's premium consumable offerings for all of these welding processes, as well as showing their EX-TRACK® portable cutting system for both oxy-fuel and plasma processes. This portable CNC system will be featured as a simulated demonstration at the Thermacut booth.


EX-Track image-1

Visit the Thermacut FABTECH Exhibitor Page here

CANTESCO® Welding Chemical Products - Booth C12328

Featuring as part of the ABICOR BINZEL booth, Cantesco's welding products include leak detection compounds, zinc spray, dye penetrants, anti-spatter, nozzle tip dip, wire lube pads and cooling fluids. 

These welding chemicals work to keep your welding torch consumables lasting long and performing at their best.


 Visit the Cantesco FABTECH Exhibitor Page here

NovArc Technologies  - Booth C13542

Tube and pipe welding has historically been a labor-intensive and costly process. The Spool Welding Robot - a one-of-a-kind innovation from NovArc Technologies, automates the pipe welding process with an innovative boom and gantry system that allows for the SWR to reach pipe spools while not impeding floor traffic - all while taking up a minimal shop footprint.

The Spool Welding Robot "SWR" features the ABIROB W robotic torch system standard along with the CR 1250 Water Cooler and it's integrated flow switch technology. Additional features like the EWR 2 Gas Management System and the TH6x Optical Seam Tracker are option solution add-ons.

 Visit the NovArc FABTECH Exhibitor Page here

Har-Bach, Inc. - Booth 12528

HBI is a consortium of Companies and Products delivering the latest manufacturing tools, equipment, systems and controls to the fabrication industry.

PathFinder®, a Har-Bach, Inc. product, features the 3-beam, plug and play seam tracker TH6D. Optical seam tracking systems for automated welding processes. Also featuring the ABIMIG SpinArc machine torch.

Also featuring Fit Up Gear®, with a variety of fitting aids, tools, clamps, safety items, and lighting.

 Visit the Har-Bach FABTECH Exhibitor Page here 


FABTECH 2018 Speaker Session

"Advancements in integrated optical quality monitoring systems for laser welding and brazing"
Jason Woolley
, Key Accounts Manager - Laser Group

One of the most important aspects of producing component parts for manufacturing is knowing the end result meets the welding/brazing specification.  In the past this was attempted by utilizing process emission technology.  Ultimately when this technology failed, a human inspector was added to ensure quality. 

Fast forward to today where machine learning solves this problem by monitoring the weld/braze result the same way a human does, using their eyes.  Learn about this exciting new real time technology that actually ensures quality and reduces the need for inspectors.

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Meet and Greet

bob-moffatt-2017-200wBob Moffatt, Host and Personality - Weld.com
uesday, November 6 at 10am

Not only is Bob one of the coolest old timers out there on Instagram and YouTube, he can lay down the smoothest weld bead you've ever laid eyes on - even doing it no look!

While Bob's main gig is Welding Instructor extraordinaire at Cowley College in Ark City, Kansas. But, you probably know him better as the Host and Personality of Weld.com, which boasts over 200k YouTube subscribers and churns out some of the best welding instructional video out there for welders of all skill level.

Whether it's Stick, MIG, TIG, or Plasma cutting, Bob can do it all and make it look a lot easier than it actually is. While his first love is welding pipe, there isn't a welding project Bob won't sink his electrode into, and he'll be ready to swap stories, give some of his patented sage advice, and drop a little knowledge on BINZEL torches (he is a fan!) for anyone who wants to drop by.

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WeldTube-200x200Hjalmar Aguilo, Host and Personality - WeldTube
uesday, November 6 at 1pm

The fastest growing YouTube channel out there for welding educational videos, Hjalmar puts the style to the substance weekly with his pipe welding tutorials on WeldTube.

As Welding Supervisor for South Coast Welding Academy in Houston, Texas, Hjalmar is all about training the next generation of welding professionals in the red hot Houston welding area - where oil and pipe welding in Stick, TIG, and MIG process are king. 

Beyond the branch test, boiler plate tubing, and Arkansas Bell Hole testing, Hjalmar and the folks at WeldTube engage their fans constantly with live Q&A's, Days in the Life, Events, Mashups with other YouTube weld stars, and field trips.

Hjalmar will be dropping by the BINZEL Booth on Tuesday afternoon to talk shop, answer questions, and give you his verdict on some of the BINZEL welding torches, which he's showcased multiple times on his WeldTube channel.

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